A home sale is an often-welcome occurrence in a homeowner’s life, though usually only when profit results. At times, though, a homeowner could end up selling her home for less than is owed on it.

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Let’s see what happens when they miss 2 mortgage payments. They no longer own the house anymore. I would not be surprised if the American dream was manufactured by big banks and the automobile industry. Then there’s the group of people who see housing as a great investment, where the property value always goes up.

If you are not able to pay off the mortgage, then you should do the Deed transfer subject to the existing mortgage. You can have a local real estate attorney prepare the Deed for you or you can use some of the form web sites. There are a bunch of them out there. Just do a Google search for Florida Deed forms.

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While sourcing newer properties from third parties is the most common approach, American Homes 4 Rent has actually started to build its own homes. It appears to be taking it slow, having built 13 homes in the third quarter, according to a transcription of a third-quarter conference call published by Seeking Alpha.

I often wonder the same thing. It feels like a surefire way to build a retirement income. I’m currently in the process of working towards 85 rentals, but I can’t afford 20% down on those properties, so I’m going the slow/safe route. This is basica.

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There are 19 neighborhoods in the South Florida metro where it’s better to rent versus buy a home.. compiled by zillow group. margin between their mortgage payment and the rent they could.

The mortgage company has a fiduciary duty that includes a requirement that the mortgage broker place my economic interests ahead of his own economic interest. You can be assured that I will be filing complaints with State regulatory agencies alleging :Misrepresentation of mortgage product, unfair business practices and many more consumer causes.

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