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what’s your outdoor style? As warmer weather lures us outdoors for longer days and sun-filled fun, it’s time to think about how your outside space reflects your personal style. While you want to make sure the look you land on blends with the rest of your home, these spaces also leave room for.

The architectural style transported me from Beard Road all the way to ancient. Many wine color combinations would accomplish this but because the portico and colonnade were so strongly Old World,

A Look at Home Designer Software by Chief Architect.. A Look at Shingle Style Architecture. List. American Arts and Craft Books of the Craftsman. Article.. House Style Guide to the American Home. List. 12 white house facts You May Not Know. Article.

FFIEC Issues FAQs on SAFE Act Registration for Depository Institution The Reg A+ Bombshell: $50M Unaccredited Equity Crowdfunding Title IV takes Center Stage – Imagine Uber or AirBnb, instead of going to big institutions for capital, now offering their stock directly to their drivers, riders, renters and tenants as well as the general public. When the JOBS.

Home Style Library Discover how to create the most popular American architectural home styles with Andersen® windows and doors. From detailed illustrations and descriptions to window proportions and hardware finishes, our library will help you bring architectural authenticity to whichever style of home.

A look originating in the ’50s and ’60s and epitomized by the Rat-Pack days in Palm Springs. Scandinavian designers and architects were very influential at this time, with a style characterized by simplicity, functionality and natural shapes. Architecture shows off its minimalist design with walls of glass.

Saint Germain is home to outdoor cafes. original coverage of the interior design and architecture worlds, new shops and products, travel destinations, art and cultural events, celebrity style, and.

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but you have to look closely to find them. They blend effortlessly with nearby mansions and homes that have stood for generations. “We wanted to celebrate the architecture of the neighborhood and Old.

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There are plenty to choose from, but perhaps the grandest are the Nathaniel Russell house, the georgian double-style. main.

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 · Architecture Detective: What types of architecture can you find in your neighborhood?. If you need to look up more architectural terms, here are the links to two excellent online illustrated dictionaries:. Home Style Guide-Guide to Home Styles in North America and Beyond; House style picture dictionary – Pictures of House Styles and.