Other banks have hired lawyers both to bring the lawsuit and defend themselves. Wells Fargo Bank did so in Sarasota, Fla., in 2009, according to Wall street journal columnist Al Lewis.

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‘Keep quiet’ Confidential emails reveal a top Wells Fargo advisor’s despair after he cried fraud. He could stay at Wells if he was silent, but spoke up anyway – and became a whistleblower.

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Being a taxpayer-subsidized, too-big-to-fail institution, it’s possible that one of the few ways for Wells Fargo & Co. (WFC) to know what it is doing is to notify itself with a court filing. ("Wells Fargo Bank Sues Itself") As your attorney, I advise you to buy lots of Wells Fargo stock.

Over in San Francisco the nation’s biggest mortgage lender finds itself in unfamiliar defense mode as well. Wells Fargo will report earnings. that the legal troubles facing big banks are far from.

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So what can Wells Fargo do to survive? Since it seems pretty clear that Wells Fargo’s problems were systemic, heads should roll at a high level and new blood should be brought in to regain trust. David Axelrod, a partner with law firm Ballard Spahr and a former SEC prosecutor says The Wells Fargo crisis is an egregious example of a bank gone.

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Wells Fargo is pushing to move past its damaging sales scandal with the release of a report that largely lays blame at the feet of executives who have already resigned or been fired or demoted. The 110-page autopsy from the company’s board of directors focuses heavily on the actions of ousted.

cc: Sanford J. Lewis.. As Wells Fargo has been reportedly finding it difficult to alter its. Wells Fargo has distinguished itself in the extent to which it has faced.. big banks have a structural problem associated with the incentives for their.. million in penalties as settlement to its lawsuit with the LACA.12.

Wells Fargo can’t seem to find the bottom of its scandals. consumers to sue their banks. House Republicans already voted to strip that rule, and their Senate counterparts will attempt to follow.