For the most part, a credit inquiry has a small effect on a credit score – generally it lowers a score by about five points. 1 In the case of auto loans, mortgages and student loans, if multiple inquiries are made in a short period of time, those inquiries are typically counted as.

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Lenders may also use soft inquiries to preapprove you for a credit card or loan.. The Difference Between Hard and Soft Credit Inquiries. like when you check your credit score or a mortgage. McCain had another accident with a T-2 trainer jet in November 1965, while flying between New York City and Norfolk, Va.

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If you apply for credit, such as a mortgage, auto loan or credit card, the lender (with your permission) will check your credit report and credit score from one or more of the major credit bureaus. Because these inquiries are tied to an actual credit application, they’re considered hard inquiries, and they can affect your credit scores.

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Not all credit inquiries require the same level of access to your information, and as such, there are two types of inquiries that can be performed – a hard inquiry or a soft inquiry. The former is the more in-depth of the two, and it gets reflected on your credit reports which can impact your credit scores.

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